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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Present in Presentation

In my family I have always been in charge of decorations. I am the one to set the celebratory table, put up the Christmas tree, paint the Easter eggs and cut out the occasional Halloween pumpkin. It was my mother who taught me that presentation matters. She encouraged me to use the right table cloth, matching dishes and would usually provide the finishing touch with freshly picked flowers from her own garden. As I was younger she guided my choices, but as years went by her instructions were taken more as suggestions and I insisted on my own signature style.

When I create jewelry I do it to create luxury in life. And luxury comes well wrapped. So the process is not finished when a piece is made. It waits for an owner and gets ready for the journey. Gently wrapped in colorful silk paper or tucked safely in a small box, the jewelry is set to find its way home. An art postcard is carefully selected from a collection hand-picked from the world's leading museums to accompany it on its way and to bring cheer to the person unwrapping the package in anticipation. If a glance is cast and a smile is formed, the aim has been fulfilled.

Often people express their appreciation for detail with words. Sometimes I receive pictures from far away places. Just like this one - a pair of Anakit earrings unwrapped in Singapore:

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