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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Lady Loves Scarves

Colorful, bold and bright silk scarves have taken over this season in more ways than one.

Off the coast of Croatia, in a tiny village by the same name (Selo is Croatian for village) on a tiny but long island also by the same name (Dugi otok is Croatian for long island) - after all, why not call a spade a spade - this is what you could see:

A darling local church decorated with dozens of women's scarves to celebrate the Assumption Day. Scarves of all kinds of colors and patterns were hung on a rope together with green-leaf braches to make a super long bunting, decorating the stone church.

The wind ruffled and waved the festive banner, like it probably had on this Dalmatian speck in the Adriatic Sea for hundreds of years during its rich Mediterranean history when the local fishermen's wives and daughters brought their precious fabrics to Our Lady on her big day.

Location:Dugi otok, Croatia