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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mango Versus Goliath

Mark my words: This spring will be all about scarves. Rolled up around your neck, worn as a belt, wrinkled up, in your hair, with the triangle draped over your shoulders, attached to your handbag, long, square, cotton, silk, you name it! There is only one rule. Prints!

On one of my recent shopping expeditions I wandered into a Mango store and was super excited to discover their large silk scarves with amazing bold prints. For 35 EUR a piece. Now, Mango has great style, but for me their flaw is that the materials they use in their designs are often synthetic, which can affect their quality. But these scarves simply enchanted me - they are 100% silk, original and affordable.

Pile of Mango Scarves for 35 EUR each

One shopping stop later I find myself at the most luxurious department store in Berlin - the world famous KaDeWe. It's Germany's Harrods or Galleries Lafayettes. There you will find anythng, including fantastic silk scarves from various high fashion labels, such as Etro, Versace, Kenzo, all with a long tradition of vibrant prints and silk shawls. Only issue: you'd have to tuck them into very deep pockets, as the prices start from 200 EUR! Great if you can afford it, otherwise there is a Mango store right down the street...

Gorgeous paisley print silk scarf
by Etro,
around 200 EUR
Signature bold print silk scarf
by Versace,
around 240 EUR

How about this one, an exotic fruit or a high-powered designer?

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