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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

As the Curtain Falls on 2010

The year is soon wrapping up. Time for a balance sheet. It seems that 2010 was a tumultuous year for many. For me it started off not so great, missing a career opportunity and breaking up a relationship, but then as the sun started to warm up, things turned for the better and opportunities started to pile up.
I ran my first 20k race and finished in very decent time of 2 hours and a few seconds. I started making my own jewelry. I spent two months in Berlin learning German. I took up learning Croatian. I had the good fortune of visiting the Big Apple for the very first time. All the while being surrounded by wonderful people who really care.
Looking back, the grievances and disappointment from the start of the year seem so far away. I am ready for the new year and new challenges. I don't expect them to be easy, but I will enjoy the ride.

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  1. It has been a tumultous year but I am glad for many things and having "met" you is one of them. Here's to an amazing New Year for all of us and yes it may not be easy but we can enjoy the ride.